It’s a brand new world: If you’re craving an artisan pizza, you don’t need to go to an Italian pizzeria anymore. Thanks to Dodo Pizza, now you can have superior pizza delivered right to your door. We attach this sticker to every box as a token of our determination to deliver delicious, hot pizza no matter what the Universe decides to throw at us.

C’mon. Give it a try.
Wait a minute. Before you attach the sticker, we want you to learn what it represents. Let’s go!

It won’t take long. First, learn our key principles, defined by our core values. Then we’ll tell you about our dough, ingredients, and recipes. At the end, you’ll find out how technology helps us make fast deliveries.


You can’t make a damn good pizza if you aren’t guided by the right principles. Check out our values.


Fork out

Buy food that’s actually made from…food, like whole milk mozzarella.

Avoid chemicals

The list of ingredients in your pepperoni: pork, beef, sea salt, sugar, paprika, and lactic acid starter culture. And no preservatives.

Don’t freeze

Buy ingredients in small batches and keep them out of the freezer. Deep freezing spoils the taste.

Focus on classics

Your priority should be quality, not quantity. Focus on most-loved pizza recipes—and master them.

Be transparent

Set up webcams and let people track their pizzas online. This way, your customers will be sure that your kitchen is clean and their pizza is made properly.

Keep it simple

Technology makes our lives much less complex. Who needs to call if it’s possible to place an order online in just 30 seconds, even on a smartphone?

Remain human

Put your email on every pizza box, encourage folks to send you feedback, and take every message you get to heart. You aren’t doing all this just for money, remember?
You should if you want to put
our cool sticker on the box.

Now when you know the main principles, it’s time to get more down-to-earth. Even a pizza genius can’t make a good pizza with bad ingredients.


Let’s learn how to make the perfect dough—the basis of the perfect pizza.

1. Take high-gluten flour
Why high-gluten?
High-gluten is the best type of flour for a NY-style crust.
2. Get purified water
Temperature matters
Make sure the water temperature is 72F—just right for active yeast to do its job.
3. Take extra-virgin olive oil
Choose carefully
Extra-virgin olive oil is expensive, but it gives the dough an incredible aroma.
4. Use active dry yeast
Why not instant yeast?
Active dry yeast takes at least 48 hours to make the dough ready to use, but the crust comes out light and crispy.
5. Get sea salt
6. Mix yeast into water
7. Put flour and salt into mixer
8. Add extra-virgin olive oil after 4 minutes of mixing
9. Check mixer's speed
How to balance?
Start with the highest speed, slowly reducing it during the 4 minutes to get more elastic dough.
10. Let it rest for 10 minutes
11. Make 12-oz. dough ball for a 12-inch pizza
12. Brush dough balls with olive oil
Why oil again?
Olive oil helps to keep moisture inside the dough during proofing.
13. Keep dough refrigerated
Bear rotation in mind
Don’t forget to rotate the trays every 24 hours, because the temperature at the bottom and the top varies.


OK, we’ve got some dough. Now we have to top it with something tasty.


It’s obvious that at Dodo, mozzarella should be a whole-milk, never-frozen product. Besides that, pay attention to the expiration date. Since no preservatives should be involved, the shelf life of the cheese has to be no longer than one month. We don’t want our mozzarella to lose its aroma, so we stay away from cheese that’s already been grated. We don’t let ourselves be lazy, so we grate it the same day we put it onto our pizza.


The best way to find the best meat is to buy it from the right people! So we look for family-owned award-winning companies where old-world recipes are followed with passion and persistence. They can provide us with great meats containing no nitrates, nitrites, BHA, and BHT food preservatives.


Let’s make it simple: vegetables should be fresh all year, no matter what. Is that even possible? You’d be surprised. We work with a supplier that can make deliveries from different states across the US. During the low season, we’ll have to get vegetables from distant farms and pay more, but it’s worth it. Canned food is banned in our kitchen. Even pineapples should be fresh.

Pizza Sauce

Forget about ready-made pizza sauce that is re-manufactured from bulk tomato concentrate and water. Lengthy heating leaves behind little fresh flavor and forms “over-cooked” flavor compounds. We can do a better job if we find sauce that is packed from tomatoes only no more than 24 hours after they are picked. We add some spices to make our sauce unique: red and black pepper, thyme, garlic, nutmeg, and fresh (not dried!) basil.

Smart IT stuff

It’s no secret that IT is changing the world. Keeping this in mind, we’ve developed our own information system—Dodo IS. It facilitates the processes in the kitchen and provides the data we need to run the business more efficiently. For example, check our real-time sales figures at our first store in the US (located in Oxford, MS).

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